2 types of offers and sorting

Hi, I have 2 types of offers; standard and promoted ones. User after purchasing a particular plan, can choose while creating an offer, if the offer will be standard or promoted. The thing is that in the repeating group that displays the offers I want to display promoted offers first and I can’t sort by an option set so it probably should be ‘promoted - yes/no’ but when it would be yes/no what type of an input should I use while creating an offer?

I’m not sure I understand your question properly. Do you wish to show the offers in the RG for promoted first, followed then by standard?

For example, if the user creates 2 promoted offers and five standard offers, then the RG should display the 2 promoted offers first, then the 5 standard offers after?

If so, you can do a search for the offers and constrain it to just the promoted offers, then ::merged with, do another search for the offers and then constrain to the standard offers. I do not know if that will work. I will try to recreate that scenario just to check

Edit:: So I checked and it works. I made a mistake earlier and wrote ::plus list, but that does not show up with RG so ::merged with is the right action there. However this is a very crude method to do this and I am wary of the performance penalty should the list be large.

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