Sorting by Category

Hey Bubblers,

Anyone have any ideas on how I can approach building something like, where I can sort by a category?

The way I thought about it was creating an RG of categories, but the issue is that there is sometimes subcategories

I would go the same route. The subcategories, how are they related to the main category? Certainly a database relationship, no?

So, I’m thinking:

1st RG with the categories.

  • Ensure your search term is sorted as you want (alphabetically?).
  • That RG is 6-columns wide (or as you see fit).
  • that RG has a group inside of it that is hidden
  • when the user clicks on a category, the hidden group is made visible, and

Inside that group, there’s a 2nd RG that is populated with a list of subcategories via a search also sorted alphabetically.

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Hi @johnny

I think you are referring as to how to visually display the inputs so that they are dynamic.

If so … I am thinking a dB model like one needed for a dynamic form builder where if you need more inputs of different types (input, multi line inputs, date pickers, image uploaders, etc) to be added dynamically to a form you can do so.

Options set called “Category Type”
Display (text)

Title (text)
Category (category type)

This way you can add different “inputs” which hold each of your true thing’s category which in turn holds different sub-categories itself.

Hope this makes sense … or at least that it sparks ideas :+1:t2:

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Thanks y’all for guidance! For the categories, do you think that option sets might be a good option rather than making a new type of categories? I’m trying think of which one is going to be better performance wise.

I usually prefer option sets although many folks prefer using data types when API actions are involved.

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That’s good to hear, so I guess the decision I’m going to have to make is if I’m going to be releasing an API for the app I’m building.