Issues after logging in

I am building an app with two data types; Candidates and Companies. I need them both to be able to log in and be taken to their individual profile pages. I have built the workflow to log the user in etc. but their information doesn’t show up on their profile after logging in.

I was thinking I could have two log in buttons, one for candidate and one for company so that I can send the different data types to the appropriate profile page which may solve the issue…but I was hoping someone may have a better fix for this…

Thanks in advance.


Do you mean that you have two type of user? (User DB with a field that let you know if the user is a Company or a Candidate)
This is not the same thing of two data type…
(In this case, Companies is one DB and candidates is another DB)
And the answer will be a lot different

Thanks for your quick response. I have two different types of users, they have a separate sign up process. Apologies I haven’t been using Bubble for very long…I would imagine that companies is one DB and candidates are another DB.

Even if you have two different type of user, you can put them in the same DB and use a field that you will set to candidate or company.
Once they log in, you will redirect them to the right page according to their type using conditional.