2 user types - login/signup NEED HELP

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to create a website where 2 types of users should be able to sign up/login:

  • user 1: EMPLOYEE
  • user 2: EMPLOYER

Every employee (of different companies) should be able to login.
When they sign up or log in they are redirected to their dashboard.
There they can start to “create a new project” & they can see all their created projects.

Every employer (of different companies) should be able to sign up.
Here I want ONLY EMPLOYERS to be able to signup for an employer account. (so no employees or other people) How can this be achieved?

—When the employer logs in, they get redirected to their dashboard.
—There they should be able to see in the repeating group, the created projects of all their employees (and only of their own employees !!). When the employer then clicks the “Shape A” (clapping hands) of a created project by an employee, the project is approved by the employer.

Can anybody help me out on how to set this up?
All suggestions or other insights are very much appreciated !!

I’ve included the link to the basic set up of this app below:

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How do you tell if someone is an “Employer” ?

Other than them saying “Hey, I am an Employer” ?

I suspect there are a couple of ways of doing it, passive and active.

The passive way is fairly common in SaaS stuff, so you take the domain of the email address they are signing up with, and use that to determine which way to take them.

So you signup as nigel@reallybig.com and it looks up reallybig.com and sees that it exists already, so you are an employee, and it sends you an email for you to confirm that you have access to that email.

If this is the first time you have signed up with that domain, you can ask if you want to create an Employer Account.

The Active way is to allow people to sign up as an Employer, then either invite people (so have a table of allowed emails) or have an approval process.

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Hey Nigel,

thank you for your response!
How can you achieve this with Bubble?

I am really new at Bubble and really need some help…

I’ve included the link to the basic set up of this app below: