2 videos playing at once

Hi. I have multiple videos on a page. There is navigation so that you can only see one at a time. However, when I hide one video & show another, the first video can still be heard.

Is there any way to pause a video when it is hidden?

Note- I chose to put the videos on one page vs. separate pages to mitigate issues with load speed.

Not really. What you can do is have the video element in a group and reset it to stop the video. But we don’t have actions on the video element yet.

hmm the reset workaround makes sense. When I try it, the video doesn’t pause though

Make sure the data source changes. If you didn’t change it through an action, reseting won’t do much. If should be empty by default and then an action sets the data source to something.

got it working. thanks!

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Hi Twr2105
It seems that you can add a split-screen to your video
Download TunesKit AceMovi and there is detailed tutorial for users to make it.