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Pause a video when it is out of view

with the help of on screen detector, i have been able to pause the video when not in view with a success rate of about 60-70%, but sometimes the plugin is not able to detect if the element is out of view or not, i tired using run “workflow everytime” option but i cant get the "parent group unique id from this option, the unique id is what i use to identify the videos. any help?

I’m having the same issue,I need all videos in a repeating group to pause when the parent group is closed. Did you ever find a solution?

Not 100% sure but this works with pop ups.

Put the video in a group.

Reset group/pop up when scroll is x or group (that video is in) is not visible

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Should work with the BDK Ux Tools Plugin. There is an element called “element detector” which detects if an element is visible on the screen. I placed 2 new elements on the screen: 1 that triggers the “pause video workflow” and another that trigger the “play video workflow”. At my end it is working as it should.

The easiest solution I found was to set the Video ID to 0 in the Conditional tab, when the video is not visible: