301 Error - Endpoint not redirected from x. bubbleapps.io

I had a new error on a app in production. Webhooks from Stripe stopped working

I had a 301 error

I was using a https://mybubbleapp.bubbleapps.io/api/1.1/wf/endpoint_name

After I set https://myapp.fr/api/1.1/wf/endpoint_name, it worked well again !


Time corresponding with

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It works for me only if I enable: this endpoint can be run without authentication.

Update: change all pointers from mysite.bubbleapps.io to simply mysite.com

yes this what i said in my first post

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I know what caused this and it should be possible to re-add support for this configuration.

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All of my webhooks with bubble’s domain also returned errors. Do you mean you’ve restored support for endpoint URLs with “bubbleapps.io” in the domain or should they be changed to the app’s custom domain?

With app domain (no bubbleapps.io)

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I pushed a fix 20 minutes ago that should restore support for calling workflows on a bubbleapps.io domain when the app has a custom domain registered. So you shouldn’t need to change your third party API registrations.

I’m up and running again - thank you!

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