Personal (Legacy) VS. Personal (New)

Just need a basic clarification on the plans for users. I currently am on a Legacy plan for $19/mo, and I’ve already read their medium post about this topic on the new plans.

So my question is that, When I migrate over to the new plans, do I pay $16/mo for EACH app I have on my account now or do I just play one $16 payment each month and have UNLIMITED APPS I can create on my account?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bubble On!

Payment is on a per-app basis. Sixteen dollars per month, per app.

Wow, that’s a huge change from what it was before. Is their a way around this or should I just stay on the legacy plan?

I still have the legacy plan for a handful of my old apps, but honestly, what I’m finding is the new model helps me avoid my project ADD, and focus specifically on one thing at a time. It is a big change, but has been healthy for me.

Agreeing with @andrewgassen. I felt the legacy plan was good for a while. But eventually transitioned to the new plan structure.

As I’ve worked with others on the legacy plan, they’ve transitioned and been more or less fine with the decision.

My only minor gripes are related to knowing how mid-cycle cancelations impact my bill. (And, if I re-activate a billing plan on that app, if any credit is applied). Along with that, the ability to standardize my billing to one bill versus a staggered set of invoices throughout the month.

I don’t think that option is available to keep some apps on the legacy plan. But thank you for reply i really appreciate it

Interesting, thanks @andrewgassen for that additional info. Alot to consider

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