3D Circular Carousel

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build a Circular 3D Carousel to display images from a repeating group, similar to below:


The images can be swiped/dragged in a circle. The item at the front of the carousel displays more details (Name, create date, etc)

Has anyone seen a plug-in or tutorial that I could reference? I’ve been hunting for the last couple of days without success.

Thanks all,

Hi @thomas.bowers I am using this slider and it helped me you can try Awesome Image Slider Dynamic Plugin | Bubble

Thanks Shraddha,

This is closer, but I’m looking for something visually similar to the above example, allowing the user to visualise and quickly scroll all of the items in the repeating group.

I wasn’t able to find a solution via plugins, but have developed a bit of a workaround with ellipses and repeating groups to create the ‘illusion’ of perspective.

By aligned an ellipses at the top and bottom of the repeating group (highlighted yellow for you to see) it creates a perspective warp.

Code for ellipses in html element:

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