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Pop Up to Expand Carousel of Images in Repeating Group


I am currently trying to expand the size of images in a scrolling carousel that is in a repeating group and displayed based on apartment address. Ideally the user can click on the carousel image resulting in a pop up with the same images in the carousel from the repeating group and in the same carousel scrolling format.

Currently I created a Pop Up and tried a few workflows including “when Carousel A is clicked,” “Show Pop Up element”, but this isn’t working. Is there another step in getting the pop up to show up or have I gone about this the wrong way?

Secondly, in order to populate the pop-up with the same images and the carousel that was clicked, can I just use the same Carousel A element used in the repeating group? I just copied and pasted the Carousel A - named Slideshow A in the Popup - from the repeating group and linked it to the same repeating group. Will this show the same exact list of images in the carousel that was clicked?

Link to my project:

I saw a similar answer to what I am trying to do here: Navigate through PopUp showing items from repeating group - but I got lost.

Any help is appreciated!

Did you use the ‘‘display data…in the popup’’

Ya, I tried setting it to that just now. The problem is I can’t get the pop up to even work so I have no idea what is being displayed inside it. When I click on the carousel nothing happens.

I actually just figured out a workaround - added a button instead and had that show the popup and it works! Weirdly it doesn’t work if I try to click on the Carousel OR text.

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If you think it should, raise a bug_report.

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