3D Scanning Room in Bubble

Hello everyone,

I’ve been wondering if there is a way to somehow implement 3D scanning in Bubble (something similar to Matterport/Apple Roomplan)?

The goal is to enable user to detect his camera and perform scanning (also with saving the scan in database). I’ve done some research and haven’t found any JavaScript substitute API for that. I think these features are mainly dedicated for mobile apps that can actually make use of Swift/Kotlin languages. But if I’m mistaken, please correct me.

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I would be interested also.
@ZeroqodeSupport any options?

You can use a 3rd party Ai, like levity

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

@dwightjames.pm, unfortunately, we don’t have anything like this in our plugin list. But we will add this to the plugin ideas.

Zeroqode Support Team