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525 Error Google domain + Cloudfare

Hi guys,

Yesterday, I deployed my first Bubble app - exciting! Though I too often get this error when logging in/ logging out:

I have a Google Domain, I disabled its default name servers and moved to Cloudfare instead as read in many threads in this forum.

In Cloudfare, I added both my website domain (built on Webflow) and the app subdomain, which should host the Bubble app.

Bubble tells me it’s all green lights, but way too often I get the 525 error.

I tried deleting the domain name from the Domain tab in Bubble or change the Cloudfare’s SSL setting from Full to Flexible as many people suggested on the forum, but the problem persists.

Any suggestions on what else to check?

Thanks in advance!


Same issue here. After adding a domain name getting a lot of that error. Also app got a bit buggy, shows me the “Sorry we ran into a temporary bug…” popup a lot and sometimes i have to refresh several times for it to work. Domain is on Godaddy.


Have you guys checked out this forum link? There is someone on Webflow that has done it between two Webflow sites and included some code on his Webflow blog link. It’s on the bottom of the last post by me: [NEW] More Eyes on Website, Improve SEO with Cloudflare Subfolder instead of Subdomain - #21 by juicebox

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