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8x8 by Jitsi vs. for WebRTC

Hi guys

I am looking into both as my final options for video and audio call functionality. I have had to forego ezdev’s plugin as an option due to the lack of conference capabilities (more than 2 participants). I like that both also offer whitelabel on their free plans.

Can anyone who has looked into both share their thoughts on either or both? Please also elaborate on ease of implementation within Bubble


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Hi @phrase9

I haven’t played with Jitsi, but this Daily plugin lets you video chat with up to 200 users at the same time on the free plan.

There’s a tutorial video and blog post on working with the plugin. I’m also very happy to answer any questions or help with your implementation if you need it!


I wish I had come across this a few months ago. I ended up self-hosting jitsi on my own server and there’s a day I’d love to get back :rofl:

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In your testing, do any of the options work on iPhone? I tried the EZdev plugin and reported to them multiple times about issues with iPhones and never got a resolution to the issue.

Looking for an option that works on iPhones through Safari.

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I never tested it on the iPhone. Their plugin worked fine on Android, laptop and desktop. Only browser I used was Chrome