Tutorial - How to setup Jitsi Meet (Unlimited Video Conferencing)

Hi All,

Continuing from another post

Here is a tutorial on how to setup Jitsi Meet (Unlimited Video Conferencing) on your own DigitalOcean Droplet. Enjoy :slight_smile:

YouTube: Jitsi Meet Tutorial


Amazing thanks for sharing this Lantz ! :grinning:


Thank you! But what to do next after it is set up in DigitalOcean? How to inegrate this in Bubble?


See this thread for a few examples. Of course, you’ll use your own domain instead of the default jitsi one in these…

Hi! Thank you for the reply.

I digged thorugh the thread, and found there nothing but you app. And in your shared I couldn’t see how you implemented Jitsy, the worflows are locked. Are there any other examples?

I can create a small tutorial if needed, but I’m current working on a plugin for this.

Here is the editor to the one mentioned above with read access rights:


Yeah, that’s the app from you past post. I saw it and tried to understand the essentials. Thanks, hope you will complete the plugin.

@lantzgould thanks for this! So how does this look for users trying to join a meeting? I’ve seen some great tutorials on how to implement Jitsi into an app and create meetings. Still a little unclear on how this looks for users/people trying to join the meeting. Cheers!

Hi @mac2,

Thank you. To answer your question, it really all depends on how you present it to your users.

If you take a look at my tutorial on setting up your own, you can get a glimpse of how I used mine in a dashboard setting, link here where users can join meetings.

Alternatively, and at its base, you can merely just share the meeting link directly.

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Hello @lantzgould .

  1. Can you explain more why I have to create digital.ocean droplet and why I have to host my own server?
  2. Can I save all the recordings to my own dropbox account or Amazon Web Services or something else?
  3. Can I assign the videos recorded by user A in my storage location? I am creating a page where a user can see his own recordings. Is it doable?

Sorry I am no expert at this. I just need some clarification.’
Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the incredible work you’ve done to date.
Unfortunately the YouTube video goes way over my head, so I’m looking forward to the plugin.

I’m also new to digital ocean, would the plugin allow me to try incorporating jitsi for free? (with the disadvantages that come with it such as watermark and safety)

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Hello. Jitsi is free. This plugin allows you to use the service in bubble. Regarding why you need to use digital ocean, here is the answer that I got:

You don’t necessarily need to install your own using digital ocean. The benefits to this are that it’s branded to your logo and not using theirs. And, more secure as it runs on your setup instead of theirs.


Depending on your priorities (speed, budget, watermark etc) perhaps itshello.co could be relevant for you

Here’s a video tutorial, it seems much easier than jitsi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vN4lfZvYJo

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Hello guys, if I install Jitsi on digital ocean, can I change langauage of menu/application and check which options are visible to end user?

And second question is it possible to implement jitsi into bubble without plugin that you are all writing about?

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By the way, is that a problem of this demo provided by @lantzgould or there is a problem with jitsi on mobile in general? When I was trying to video-conference between my PC and Iphone’s Safari, Jitsi on mobile couldn’t access microphone and camera. Do you know how to resolve this problem? Becuase if this is a general problem of this application I will forced to go with Twilio because Jitsi in my case will be useless.

I like quality and posibility of calling in so it would be great to use jitsi instead of expensive Twilio :confused:

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@David_W itshello looks promising and it works on mobile however I wonder if it’s possible to customize it by implementing own domain and shrinking second person window on mobile, what do you think?

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Unfortunately I haven’t seen any evidence that this is possible. However, I’m sure with some hacking everything is possible, my challenge is more that I don’t have those hacking skills…

btw jitsi on mobile prefers to push you to their app. I believe the person running the server needs to have configured it in a way that it doesn’t push you to use it.

Hey @sebastianymail

  • You can change the default language within the video room. You can’t change the language in Jitsi’s mobile app obviously :slight_smile:
  • You can customize which options the user can see (for example I personally chose to remove the calendar feature)

Yes you can set it up on your own server - Lantz shows you how in the Youtube tutorial

As @David_W said there is a way to force the mobile config with some settings. I might not be up to date about this, you would need to have a look on Jitsi’s Github page to follow latest updates


Ok so now the next step.
Anyone knows how to implement Jitsi into Bubble? I’ve setup Jitsi on VPS and have no idea how to implement both, probably API work will be necessary. According to their documentation it is possible but I am not a developer. https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/dev-guide/dev-guide-iframe

Fun fact, I think it is possibile to use Jitsi into your own mobile app, because Android and iOS sdks app are available but of course it requires more than bubble editor.

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Dear Lantz,
Thank you for this amazing in depth tutorial

I have a noob question:
Is it possible to have my bubble app interact with the digital ocean hosted page - I would like ideally to have a timer in the app - so after a certain point the users are redirected out of the jitsi meet conference.

I have thought about displaying the digitalocean droplet in an iframe on a bubble page (@sebastianymail - try looking into this way if you are stuck) - however i’m running into problems getting the responsiveness to work properly -

Any help would be much appreciated.

All the best