Jitsi Plugin (Free) for easy video conference calls

Hi Guys,

Here is a free Jitsi Plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/jitsi-meet-1598458001332x450012101724864500

I hired @yusaney1 to create the first version of the plugin. Then I saw how easy it was to improve it (just javascript). I added a lot of extra features to it and fixed some bugs and made it responsive.

Sharing so everyone can use and enjoy it!

If you find any bugs or see any thing not working correctly. Let me know.

Make sure you set the room name to something unique!


Thanks for the fee plugin!
Never tried Jitsi before. Does it support drop in? (join without an account)

Yes it does. You can pass the users name and email (using actions Set Display Name and Set Email).

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wow this is awesome. thank you.

How can I invite other people to join my room through this plugin? I could not find

Is it possible to use the plugin to create a room on one page and users access that room created through another page?


Courses.html page will display a button to create a new room in jitsu.

Mycourse.html page will display the room created in courses.html for anyone to join.

How it works. You give the room a unique name. Like a object room/unique-id. Then the bubble url with jitsi included in it is a unique room. Creation happens with the same thing.

Great stuff man. Is it possible out of the box or through a customization to show and record the video call length? (use case is for apps that want to charge users per minute of video call).

Would need a bit of customization. Recording to youtube and dropbox is eazy. Recording and saving to aws not

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Noted. I will get in touch with you at some point, if I am not able to achieve that on my own.

Hi. I’m struggling to get to grips with the plugin. How do I start a new call?

this is nice @gaimed thank you!

@gavin1 what I did is:

  • put the jitsi video in a page
  • click a button in another page to redirect to the jitsi page and send a string parameter in the url
  • share that custom url to whoever wants to join the room



the only caveat is that I can ONLY have 1 room open at the same time, not multiple rooms for a multitenant app, does anybody know how to accomplish this?t hanks

Just give it unique room name

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This is great advice @natserrano. Im struggling with the second bullet. Could you tell me how to send a string parameter in the url? thanks!

hey Leon, just send it as a parameter in the page (see image below), then get it with GET DATA FROM PAGE URL in the video page.

I combine two unique ids to make the videoroom id unique


Is there any way to remove the popup recommending to “Install the extension for Google Calendar and Office 365 integration”?

I’m trying to implement video chat feature into my app and I found that Jitsi one is the best one for our feature requirments. However, the is very confusing to the users as they might feel the extension is to improve experience of our website, not Jitsi itself.

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Hi @gaimed,

Thanks for creating this app. I’m exploring the world of Jitsi and think its a great option to self serve and create a cost effective video conferencing tool.

I’ve just installed the plugin, haven’t connected it back to meet.jitsi.com, and seeing this message when I perform a quick preview:


Does this plugin work on Mobile? Or am I only seeing this because I haven’t connected it back to meet.jitsi?

Will this work on a self-hosted Jitsi server?

Thank you,

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Same - does anyone know how to disable that popup from appearing? That extension does not need to be installed for a user to join a Jitsi video chat…

I have been using your Jitsi Plugin for Bubble already for a while and I find it amazing, so thanks for that. I was trying to set up a password for the meeting in order to make it more secure, however, it throws me an error when I use the workflow Set Password Jitsi Video. I am saving the password on the database and I add it dynamically to the workflow.