Set up Jitisi Video Conferencing


I am looking for somebody to setup the Free Unlimited Video Conferencing

using Jitsi

My goal is to have free video conferencing which is why I am not able to use the Bubble plugin for video.

Please PM


Hi @boston85719,

To use Jitsi for free, you can simply point your browser to the Jitsi Meet server. If you’re saying you want to embed it into an iframe in your Bubble app, @lantzgould provided a link to a demo on the page you referenced. Of course, you can host Jitsi on your own server, but that would require some expense (and possibly some set-up).

What level of integration are you looking to achieve?

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I want to be able to set up a interface in bubble and have it feel as if the user is completing their video conference in my app.

I am not really sure what the benefits/pitfalls or reasons overall to host jitsi on my own server.

I just want to make it so that a retailer profile page on my app can have a ‘chat’ button which would open a video conference for the user who initiated the chat to be brought to as they wait for the retailer to connect into the video chat. Then once the retailer is connected allow the chat to take place on the interface I create in my bubble app.

I’d also like to keep track of the time spent in the video chat so to provide analytics to the retailers about their usage.

I really have no idea if I would need to host jitsi on my own servers to be able to do so. I also don’t mind if there is some kind of ‘logo’ or ‘watermark’ somewhere on the video screen if I am not hosting on my own server.

It seems that could be done with the iframe approach. Did you try the demo linked from the page you referenced?

The degree of customization will be somewhat limited - i.e. you’re kind of stuck with the Jitsi UI for the conference experience itself - but you could control where and when the iframe appears on the page, how big it is, etc.

Self-hosting might be appropriate if your users have concerns about privacy and data security or if you wanted to brand and customize the UI a bit (change the intro screen and some colors), but you won’t really gain any functionality.

Sounds like your needs are pretty simple, and if you don’t mind the Jitsi logo, then it could be a workable solution.