99% minimum workaround

The 99% minimum width is a pestilence, spreading from element to element and village to village, wreaking havoc on responsiveness and destroying untold lives. I am begging for mercy from the Almighty Bubble Gods!

I’m working on an app that includes a Scantron (fill in the circle answer form). The four columns below are separate RGs that show/hide conditionally as the page width changes, which is a workaround for the fact that RGs can only list items across-then-down. The star is its own reusable element (fixed width), and the ABCD circles are a second reusable element that I’d like to be able to expand but not shrink. On most page widths, everything looks good, but certain values shrink the ABCDs and cause this multi-line problem. The second image is with a wider page to compare the expanded first two columns to the fixed-width last two columns.

It’s definitely caused by the 99% minimum that’s required for certain elements. I guess I could make it fixed width, but there are other places where that doesn’t seem to help either. Below, these next answer spaces are a reusable element in a RG that increases the number of columns as the page widens. You can see that the minimum here is 100% and it’s STILL cutting off the last row of circles. Making it fixed width creates the same result.

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 7.30.02 PM

I’ve tried incorporating a few extra pixels in the RG cell, in a separate group that houses the reusable element, and in the reusable element itself. I’ve even done the calculations so that a decrease of 1% would collapse those extra pixels and preserve the RGs I used to create the circles. Nope!

What am I missing? Is there a workaround that allows elements to expand and not contract even a pixel? Why is the second set of pictures cutting off even when the width is fixed? Does a RG override fixed widths within it?