Is there any bug at the moment?

Hi everyone!
Hope you’re well.

Any chance you guys are experiencing some bugs today?
I’ve noticed two things:

  • some workflow of my live version seem to be working in a very weird way - sometimes they do work, sometimes they simply partly work… even though the concerned workflow has always worked in the past and is pretty basic
  • some weird stuff are happening in the layout of a RG that have always been showing correctly (to be specific: conditionals involving the min width of column are suddenly not working because the condition set them in px rather than %)

Any chance it’s on Bubble’s side?

I’m having a similar issue. I have a left hand nav bar that loads right 1 out of 5 refreshes, otherwise it seems to treat the width as minimal.

I’m having an issue in production where my app’s responsive settings are broken. Especially on mobile, seeing lots of jumbled problems across multiple pages. Encourage everyone to check responsiveness in their production apps. If you have issues, maybe notify on this thread. I’ve reported the bug to Bubble.

The best way to get support for a potential bug is to file a bug report. We need a lot of specific context in order to properly investigate, and filling out this form helps give our success team that context!

This is what greeted me today. Also happens to my users. What’s happening? The repeating group display is jumbled and takes a few refreshes to cure. And then it comes back again. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

Same problems here.

Just did it - thanks Sam!

Sale problème here.

Bug with responsive rg and workflow run multiple time

My repeating group in the test and live are not the way i styled them. It looks like the min height of a cell in the repeating group does not work anymore. What ever height I use the output is not changing.

RG min sizing on legacy responsive/first load has been fixed.

I’ve been trying for 30 minutes to merge a branch back into the main dev environment and it keeps failing.

Check here (and send Bubble a bug report):

Cheers - it works for me now :innocent: :pray:

Resolved for me too