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A few questions: let's say im building slack clone

Hopefully this is categorized properly! Let’s say I’m building a Slack clone where users sign up and can invite their team to their workspace. I want info from workspaces to only be seen by those in a workspace
Here are my questions:

  1. Should the Slack Workspace for the team be classified as a “user” page (under type of content)? I tried it as “team” but got blocked on the previous page navigation that asked me what data to send with user.
  2. If it’s supposed to be “team”, what data am I supposed to send/ how do I collect it?
  3. In general how can you make a low friction flow that lets you: create account > create workspace/team > create account for teammates and email blast (pw reset) > teammates join you in your workspace/team?

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!

Hello @a.someonew

Title (text)

Workspace (workspace)

Mind elaborating a bit more so I don’t misinterpret? Just to reiterate, I want people to join a single workspace, post content that only others in the workspace can see.

Different companies will have different workspaces*

You’re only talking about the database. I’ll give that a try when I get back home and see if that fixes my other issues mentioned in the OP

I suggested a basic dB structure for this to work


Page content type is “workspace”

If current user’s workspace is this page’s workspace then do xyz

Thank you I got it working now!

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