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Autobinding problem

I currently have a form to create a resource it currently has

  • Title (auto-binding)
  • images (auto-binding)
  • description (auto-binding)
  • price (auto-binding)

once the user submits the form it creates a new resource but in my case, the data keeps displaying, and without the action of “display data” my auto-binding doesn’t work when my user wants to create a new resource. it just changes the same data that was entered and it doesn’t create a new resource

That is the way auto-binding works. It can only auto-bind to an existing thing. What you could do when you open a form to a new/blank Thing is to “create a new thing” and set that thing as the parent object on which to autobind. Make sense?

aahhh okay!!! makes sense, let me try that approach, thank you for
the response