A look behind the scenes of Bubble

Listen to @josh and @emmanuel share a bit about the engineering under the hood of Bubble.

Some of my favorite take-aways:

  • It’s software development. The fact that it’s drag-and-drop rather than typing makes no difference. You can have bugs so it’s software development.
  • How they think about their users: non-technical, tech-savvy people
  • On why not market to software engineers: they would see limitations first, non-engineers would see an enabling platform.
  • If not for Bubble, Emmanuel would be Le Président de la République :fr:

Some of other interesting points they discuss:

  • All the internal Bubble tools - account management, bug tracking, etc. - are built on Bubble.
  • The onboarding journey for new-hires is paingful for the first 6 months.
  • They built their own javascript framework.
  • About moving to PostgreSQL
  • on what Josh learned from Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater culture.

This is great, thanks for sharing - always interested in the founders discussing the birth and direction of the platform along with insights into the day to day operations.

Will have a good listen over the weekend.

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Thanks for sharing, and also for the short resume! Sounds exciting