Float a group relative to mouse position / reference group

Hey Bubblers,

Currently looking for a way to have a group fluidly follow a user’s mouse position (change X-coordinate relative to group) within a group, but stay locked to the top of the group (unchanging Y-coordinate relative to group).

I have tried @gaurav 's “Floater (bdk)” plugin, but it seems you’ve only implemented floating with dynamic offset relative only to the Top or Bottom of a reference group - is it possible for you to implement a Left option (number = 2), and/or a Right option (number = 3) in the Setup Floater action?:

Or is anyone else aware of another plugin/solution to do this? Seems pretty straightforward and an extension of the functionality already found in a few plugins, but most require an action to fire each time you want to reposition the element. FYI, I can use Bubble’s “Mouse & Keyboard Interactions” plugin to get the cursor’s X-coordinate, but a plugin that can get the mouse coordinate within a specific group’s boundaries would be useful as well. Either way, I just need a group to follow the cursor left-to-right, but not vertically.

Thank you in advance!

@gaurav, is this possible using your paid plugin / can it be implemented?


Hey, I’ve seen you with some really helpful insights across the Bubble community – is your Relative Position (float) plugin able to float along the X-axis based on a dynamic value, in real-time?

Or any ideas here would be very much appreciated!