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A reverse Air BNB Template

Hello Bubblers. I have done a thorough search on this forum and at large and have not quite found what I am looking for. The Lost/Found Template comes close but not quite. My idea would be a reverse of Zillow, Air BnB, etc. l in that those inputs are stationary. In my scenario, inputs are temporary. They are people travelling to city and the searchers are the local residents. I will not use geolocation since the idea is that locals can see who is coming to city within 2 weeks ahead and decide if they want to meet with them. I want to use a map as my main visual since it not siloed and I think creates sense of community (different from meetup in this case) Thanks for the consideration.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking here. Are you looking for someone to build this for you? Are you looking for a template to purchase? How can we best help you?