A tool we built, Texted.io, on Product Hunt today!

Hi all - just wanted to let you know that Texted.io, a bulk SMS tool that we built on Bubble is on Product Hunt today. If interested, please feel free to check it out here. The way it works is that it lets you send out bulk messages to groups of people and then lets them individually respond to you, kind of like bcc for SMS. Hope you find it interesting!


Just curious about the back-end. What service are you using to send the SMS?

Sticking to Twilio @deanmck!

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Be interested to know what you think the development time using Bubble vs trad programming would be ?


Nice! best of luck for the PH Launch :slight_smile:

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So it’s hard for me to judge because I don’t have very much experience with traditional programming but can tell you how long it took us. We had a first version done very quickly, probably within a week or two, but the whole process, from idea till today, ended up taking much longer than we originally anticipated - several months total. Most of that time wasn’t spent on actual development but on iteration, testing, business model refinement, etc. This also wasn’t our primary focus during all that time, I think that if 1-2 people who know Bubble well wanted to do nothing but this and get something similar to this out within a week, they could have probably done that.


Nice home page (though I don’t really get the vertical scroll bar look on the carousel).

Be good to see somewhere prominent which countries this is built for - I assume most countries since it’s built with Twilio but might need to state this on the home page as it’s probably one of the first questions Users will think.

Brilliant quality. Is there a mobile app for this? And if so, did you build it with Bubble, too?

Thanks for the suggestion @cowontherun! Definitely makes sense to point that out.

And thanks @FellowUser! We do indeed have a mobile app for this, which is just the Bubble app wrapped with GoNative, you should be able to find it by searching “texted airdev”.

Found it! Just downloaded it, but there’s an input glitch for the password input form. Just a heads up!

Hopefully Bubble makes it easier to publish apps for Web, iOS, and Android soon!

Congrats! Is there a ProductHunt collection of all the “made with Bubble”?

If not, I’ve created one: https://www.producthunt.com/@ricotrevisan/collections/built-with-bubble
Let me know if I should add you as a curator. I’ve already added @emmanuel, @brentsum, @vlad, and @ahaller07 (or at least I tried, but when I refreshed the page it seems to have not added them.

@FellowUser - thanks for the heads up! We’re looking into the issue further but it seems to be happening only for those on iOS11, which is interesting.

@rico.trevisan - great idea, just added a couple more to the list!