Can you help?! - ClickSend or Twilio Plugin

Hi Folks!

We have a working Bubble app, which we need to add SMS notifications to.
We can either use the Click Send plugin, Twilio plugin or similar to achieve this.

The app needs to notify a user via SMS when they have a meeting arranged with someone.
We have been advised that this shouldn’t take more than a day to build and test.

Are there any good Bubble developers out there who would be able to do this work for us?

We will provide a document which will outline the sprint and logical workflow that is required.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



I used ClickSend for this and it works fine. Happy to help DM me


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the quick response!
We currently have the app setup as follows:

User A Creates a meeting in their local area at a nearby local café.
User B chooses to ‘Join’ this meeting from a list.

User A is then notified by email that User B has accepted the meeting. The email contains the name and address of the café as well as short instructions on where to meet when they arrive.

So we need to directly replace this email function with SMS.

Could you let me know when you are available to do this (asap preferably) and what your rate is please.

Many thanks,



If you have defined the SMS triggers well, then this shouldn’t take an experienced developer any more than 3-4 hours to implement, test and deploy. Do reach out to if you still need help on this.