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Users created in Database without emails or info

Good day,

I’ve been noticing users popping up in my database without emails and don’t understand how they’re creating accounts without an email or any of my required fields. The users appear like this: Has anyone experienced something similar?

Edit: I believe this issue may be some way connected to social login. Disabled Facebook for a day and got no errors of this type.

Maybe go to your workflows and search for any that may be signing up a user with no information. It is possible if you added a sign the user up action or something similar but never passed any other information.

I thought maybe this was the case but I verified everything and it looks good.

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I think the issue must be that you need to make sure that the create account button cannot be clicked unless both input fields have a value that is not empty. You can test by leaving the inputs empty and just clicking the create account button and see if a new user pops in your database with no email.

Edit: I now see you have This input should not be empty checked. Maybe still worth a try, but also is that for sure the only workflow of that type? You can check by typing in like in the picture below:

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 10.16.05 AM

Yesh I just verified it’s the only workflow which says “Sign the user up” using this search method you showed me (thank you) and yes the input fields should not be empty

Hey @bubbler63 :wave:

Hmm :thinking:

Just a thought. I think when you sign up with Facebook it doesn’t add an email unless you extract it yourself. I think that’s why it’s not showing up with emails. I think that is why people like using log in using a social media button. It doesn’t necessarily save your email.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hey thanks for the response I really appreciate it.
I actually tested this and my login with Facebook saves the emails to the database

Maybe try deleting your user and trying it again. See if it saves your email again. :man_shrugging:t2:

Tried it, still works fine I even deactivated the account from my Facebook privacy settings

So the next thing I would do is check the logs at the exact time that you see those users were created to see what path they took to sign up. It might shed some light on why that is happening. Hope that will help. :blush:

Okay cool i’ll do this now, I have about 6 required fields for registration. Now i’m seeing users register with 5/6 of the fields but only the email is missing I made another topic because I think it’s a different issue to this one but someone flagged it sadly

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Maybe you can add a link to your site. I can sign up and see if there is a way I can find to not add an email?

Hey so I solved it the reason for this is that users who create an account using Facebook login can chose whether or not they want to share their email with you. This means that they can essentially create an account without providing an email.

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Yup. Glad you got it figured out now. :blush::raised_hands:

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Appreciate the help

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