Add more than one domain

It would be great if more than one domain could be added for accounts that already pay for one.

In many it is useful to have more than one domain, without messing with SEO with various redirects.

You can check out SaaSAlias a plugin that does this

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Thank, I have already seen that plugin but it is very expensive, it does not have a one-time cost but it is a monthly cost apparently when paying for another app.
Also it seems that this app has some problems now. An integrated solution in Bubble would be easier

The Instant SSL plugin (wildcard SSL certificate) does not work at the moment, but the other one, Multidomainz, works well. Expensive, yes, but real added value if you want several custom domains for your app. And to date, the only way to get this done.

I read that there are problems with that plugin, with login etc. In any case, I have not investigated because the cost of that plugin is excessive for me.

I can’t think of paying a plugin $ 25 per month + $ 50 one time (for configurations) just to add another domain, when Bubble offers Personal Plan for the same monthly price.

However, the fact that it is technically possible makes me think that Bubble can also integrate it into existing plans or create new Plugins at a reasonable price.

I found a workaround for this

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