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Hi ,I would like to .o know if someone can please help me.Are there an app out there’s or can someone please help me to make an advertising app making use of Bluetooth beacons from kontakt,thanks for the time and help

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Thanks Sir …Very helpful! :sunglasses:

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Formatting: I’m building a loan application app. I have an auto-generated application number that increments by 1 every time a new loan application is created. It’s formatted as a number, but I want it to display as AP-00001, AP-00002, etc. rather than 1,2, etc.

Also, for a social security number, how do you create a template so that the input uses the 999-99-9999 format?


Esta aparecendo esta mensagem"This app is a free plan and should have a Bubble banner. Please upgrade to remove this banner. Removing or altering the banner in any way is against Bubble terms and can lead to your account termination.", alguém pode me ajudar.

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Hi I’m creating a blog and there’s a problem I’m facing.

I was so show my post in the homepage : created a repeating group type: post and it works

But I have 3 inputs:
Title, Image and Content.

Now I want to some infographics in my blog but it only shows what is in input “content”. If I’m adding an image input just on it so it would work on that particular post but I may want to show a different infograph at a different place by if i am creating it dynamically it wont happen because i may have to add images or other stuff in different blogs.
Please help @mikeloc

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I need a help for me to create my app on bubble


@emmanuel I’d personally like to see more categories defined.

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hi i’m very new here just joined today but i’m a little stuck here can you help me

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how i add database images in html tag

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Hey everyone I need a bit of help with creating text elements. everytime I insert a text element within a group and I use column and then fix it to the height it overflows and fills the whole page so then I can’t insert other text elements within that group. I would appreciate some assistance thank you

You can check tutorials on youtube and getting started guides.

Either the text or group has a fixed width and cannot expand or retract, uncheck the make this element fix width.

Hey! I am trying to build a prototype app for one of my classes. I am trying to create a screening reminder section where the user can input their last date of screening and which test they had done and the website can then give them a recommended date to get another screening test done (this is for colon cancer specifically) - each test has a different recommended screening interval, etc. I am trying to follow the guide that bubble provides but I am having trouble just understanding it. Thank you!

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The simpler way to do this is just building a “query page”, where the user can drop down select the type of text they took and on the option set of your app have all of the tests types along with a number of months/years to re take the test.

The user then chooses the type of text, inputs the start date (date where the test was made), once queried, the system returns the re-take date by calculating the [start date + (number of months/years on the option sets).


Can someone help me, I have no clue how to rotate an element? It’s simple but I just can’t figure it out.