Legacy Plans Disappeared, Time To Pay Up?

It seems that Bubble Team is phasing out the Legacy Plans and now we (longtime users) will have to step up and pay almost double prices for the same service.

What do you guys think?

Hopefully this will translate to the team revisiting performance issues so I can justify the higher payments.

Hmmm… yeah… what happened to the legacy plan?

You mean they transitioned your legacy apps to the new free version?

No, they remained on Legacy but new apps can’t be put on Legacy - it seems.

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This was part of the announcement. Current apps were grandfathered to legacy and new apps start on the free plan.

Hmm really? I’ve had one of my apps since way before the announcement and it no longer has legacy plan options :eyes:

At this price I’ll definitely upgrade more carefully, in the past I had many “testing the waters” apps upgraded for extended periods of time but at these prices I’ll be more hesitant to upgrade and only doing so when I’m fully ready for deployment.

@lantzgould I have some apps that were supposed to be “grandfathered in”, however, it seems like grandpa has since passed away. None of my apps have the option to use a legacy plan any longer. Apps that were on legacy plans still are, however, there are no legacy plans as options for upgrading or downgrading my plan type.

Has anybody heard anything from Bubble about this? I searched for an announcement on the topic and don’t see one in the forum.


I don’t know why this made me chuckle, but thank you for the laugh. It’s been a long week!

Here’s the last I remember hearing from the team. Frustrating for sure, as I wish legacy apps could go back and forth without losing the legacy option.

Edit: you’re right. It’s supposed to be 2 years for the switching of legacy plans. Now I’m confused. Maybe if the legacy app switches to old ‘hobby’ plan, it’s treated as a free plan and can’t revert?

Thanks for that Pricing updates and thoughts link…it is spelled out pretty clearly there

So, we’re going to enable current users (people who have accounts as of yesterday), to freely switch their apps between the old personal, professional, team, and production plans for the next two years. (After two years, we will disable the ability to change to one of the old plans).

Seems like the two years is up and they made good on that promise.

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