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">" above the body of the page

Hello everyone!

I’m converting my pages to the new engine.
Above the page is a “>” which seems to me to be outside the body of the page.

I don’t have anything added to the page header.

Has anyone had this problem? Any guesses on?

Following images:

Hi @victordidur,

One thing that comes to mind is that it could potentially be an extraneous closing bracket as a result of some malformed HTML somewhere on the page. Invalid HTML could potentially be added to the document at the app level, page level, by a plugin, or by an HTML element on the page.

Just a thought.


I’ll bet it is a naughty plugin creating the extraneous bracket. :slight_smile:

Makes a lot of sense!But I’ve already stripped all the html elements from the page.
At application or plugin level, it makes sense that it would appear on other pages right?

Thanks for cooperating

The challenge now is to find the naughty!
Do you know of an easy way to do this?

thanks for cooperating

Not necessarily.

Have you tried previewing the page without plugins to see if the issue goes away?


A great idea! I hadn’t thought to do that.

I reviewed all the groups on the page and fixed the problem.
I believe it was a conflict in some untransformed group for the new engine.

Was wrong. It was really a plugin! Luckily it’s a developer I have contact with.

Thank you for your help!

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