Bug: Cannot set "Current cell's index" for nested Group inside a Repeating Group

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If you have this structure:

Repeating Group
—> Group A
--------> Group B

Then in the Conditional settings for Group A, you will be able to select “Current cell’s index” as an option, but that option will not be available for Group B:

However, if you make conditional rule for Group A based on “Current cell’s index”, then copy Group A and nest it (just like Group B), then the condition you set will still work, but you won’t be able to create a new condition based on “Current cell’s index”:

Please allow “Current cell’s index” to be selected for nested groups inside a repeating group.



@tmonczko We will look into this

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This would be great! This happens with conditions on a workflow from a nested button in a group as well. I typically put a hidden input with an initial content of current cell’s index if I need to reference it but a direct reference would be much simpler.

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Thanks @neerja and for the further details @eli.

I agree, it would be nice if this can be integrated as the function there works, either moving elements into child groups with the expression already in place or either copying the expression e.g. current cells index into another elements condition or workflow.

It would save having to use the hack e.g.


We pushed a fix.


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