Accessing custom state value in header between pages

Hi Bubble Community,
I am having an issue accessing custom state value in RE header and hope to get your help and advice.
I have an app which has a custom state value in RE header of index page and the value is set through a workflow. The custom state value is accessed in another page using conditional statement but the CS value always return empty.
Is this normal or did I miss any steps to get this to work?

I am running out of idea how to fix this issue and any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

I am not that experienced but I just solved this issue myself.
possibly the issue is that you need to toggle on and off (one state or another) in both the header and the main page.
and use the workflows in the main page also.
Workflow in main page: When header is X, set main page to Y (and make sure you set the workflow to be "Do when condition is true (And set it to Run every time)
then when main page is Y, do the same workflow, to set header to something else e.g. Z

hope that makes sense

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Thanks Stephen for your tips and advice . I haven’t tried the steps as suggested as I managed to get it to work by passing parameters through page URL. I would still like to try your approach to see if it works as well.

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