How do I get value from reusable elements?

I created a reusable element that will act as my header. In my header, I’ve added a dropdown.

On another page that includes the reuseable header element, I want to pull the value from the header’s dropdown on that page. I don’t see the dropdown element listed.

Have the dropdown change a custom-state on the header, then the page can access the header’s custom state. That’s how you get the two layers to talk.

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Thanks @sridharan.s . I was setting the custom state for the dropdown element and not the header itself.

However, I see that the default value that I’ve set for the dropdown doesn’t load initially when I pull it from the header. How do I set the page to pull the default value from the header without having to refresh the dropdown?

You could have a workflow in the header that, on page load, sets the headers customer state to be equal to the value of the dropdown. And, add a 2nd workflow that when the dropdowns value is changed, it updates the custom states value.

I don’t know what you’re doing with it on the page. You can use conditions to reference the elements value, or you could set a workflow to trigger when the value isn’t empty, etc.

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Excellent, that worked for me, thank you very much.

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I’m implementing the same thing. I have put the custom state on header element, but the issue i’m facing is when i chnage the value of dropdown it is not getting updated in cuatom state though i have workflow that when dropdown is hovered change the value of custom state to dropdown’s value.

Is there something i’m missing?

Thank you in advance…

Can you explain me how did you pass the value on the page having reusable element.?
I want to implement the same thing. On change of dropdown value i have to pass it to the repeating group. BUt unfortunately when i perform this dropdown is hovered and change the value of a custom state then it’s not getting updated.

What can be the reason?
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you