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Accordian for FAQ

I have built an accordion object for FAQ and obviously better if I can make reusable.
Can I add a text object as placeholder in the reusable component and override when I use on my pages?

OK, so now i will use a repeating group to manage the data for FAQ and want present using Accordian style. Th eissue that I am having is that I cant seem to collapse the answer section when i want to hide. Any ideas?

@DaveA has a demo of collapsing groups and a FAQ accordian.

@DaveA has link to the editor in this post:

Good luck @eric.schwantler

thx, and I was able to build accordion FAQ if stand-alone object like you have done. The problem is that when Q and A come from database and presented using a repeating group I cant seem to collapse the Answer section. It expands ok but does nor collapse. Maybe I cant use RG?

Is there more than one answer per question ?

Although on the face of it doesn’t seem to hard, hence wondering what the extra complexity.

Have a Repeating Group pulling back your data. In Each cell you have the “Question”, your toggle, and a Group that is both hidden and collapses when hidden.

When clicking the toggle, set a custom state that has the currently open tab to that cell’s Question.

Then in the group have a condition that shows the group when the current cell’s Question is the one in the state.

Thx Nigel, i missed the point that the text box needed to be inside a group object which is collapsible.

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