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Hello guys,

I could use some help from seasoned Bubblers about my current situation.

So I’ve been trying to create FAQs that function like accordian. I have gone through past posts with similar questions and can’t seem to figure out the results I found.

@DaveA had a perfect example of what I’m trying to achieve here:

Unfortunately there is no way to check out the editor for that preview page.

I also see some folks creating accordian using RG’s. I’m a little confused on the best way to approach this. Use RG’s? or not?

@DaveA , I could use your wisdom here, brother.

I would definitely appreciate inputs from other folks on here if you got a different method for creating accordian.


Yes, the right way to go is to have an RG with two groups:

Top - Visible, text field Question and
Bottom - Not Visible, Collapse height when hidden, Animate, text field Answer.

Create FAQs in the database, fields Question and Answer. Bottom group with answer text, in the conditions make visible when Current Cells FAQ is RG’s Current FAQ (custom state). When top group with Question is clicked, set custom state RG’s Current FAQ to be Current Cell’s FAQ.

See results here:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Bojan,

Thanks for jumping in on this quickly. I appreciate the response.

Now, that’s a beautiful FAQ center. I’m trying to create something similar.

I figured RG’s would be how I would need to get the accordian handled, but the custom state thing still eludes me right now. I always tend to mess up custom state workflows.

Would it be asking too much if you could do a quick demo of your response above?

Believe it or not, Bubble has been easy to learn whenever I can dig into the editor/workflow for problems I’ve faced in the past.

Thanks in anticipation.

My pleasure. I always prefer a quick TeamViewer session because I can get it done in 2 minutes vs writing a demo. DM me.

Sure thing. Thanks!

Here is the link to the editor view of the demo you mentioned.


Thanks a bunch @DaveA . The editor made a lot of difference :slight_smile:

Much thanks to @bojans for being selfless with the assist.

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Another simple example.


Thanks @NigelG. I totally forgot to check out your awesome Bubble demo site.

With the key pieces from Dave, Bojan and your latest recommendation, I have put together a neat accordian page.

Thanks a lot, guys!

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