Multi-Restaurant, help me please

Hello, i’m making a multi-restaurant app where the restaurant can sign-up, share their products and manage their sales (I want to clarify than the user can to choose if he wants to be a client or a bussines) right now that app is for a good way, but i have a problem with the bussines, because the bussines doesn’t appear in the page, I think this is because the business is registered the same as a common user, but i want to believe than there is a form to make it public to everyone, i don’t know, i need help with this please. Or, what is your recommendation for this? How can i fix this problem? I have to finish with this work in 1 week, that is the only one thing i need to finish

App (not finish yet) :

Hey @expressdomicilios096, I dont understand what you issue is? you said you app is for a good way, not sure what that means. You are saying something about a business not showing up, but I am not able to understand how the app is operating to make any guess or offer any help. Can you please clarify what the issue is and maybe let me see how you have that part built?


Ok, ok, don’t worry
My app it’s like rappi or uber eats. I told than the app is for a good way, but right now i have some issues…
Look, restaurants are registered in the same way as a common user, when the business is registered, it is automatically created on the main page which is where people enter and make their purchases. The app is very advanced, but the only problem that needs to be fixed is that the business that is registered does not appear on the page. Personally, I do not know if you can see the other profiles that are registered (remember that the business is registered in the same way as a normal person is registered, that is, it would be a “user”)
The question is … Can the profiles that are registered as “user” be made public?
It is a bit complicated to explain, it would be better to review the app, so you will understand better, register as a company and go to the restaurant section

I registered, but the same issue as before, I don’t know what I am doing. What is it you are asking me to do? You said create an account, I have done that. Now what?

here is what I see:

Did you sign up like Business? if you signup with business, automatically it’s going to create in the page restaurant, my point it’s than I want to show it with the data “user”. But I don’t know if that it’s possible, the data user can be public?

No, I didn’t create a business account, the button doesn’t do anything. See this loom:


Press the business button and then press the sign up button

Ahh, got it. That will need to be made cleared. That didn’t make sense to me, I assume that it would pose an issue for others also.

Take a look at this loom to see what I see. Is this what I am supposed to see?

I would say that it mostly works, it doesn’t seem to be doing the sort right though.

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