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Looking to have an accounting application built. This should be built on bubble and I would like the freelancer to have accounting experience or knowledge of accounting. Please message me for more details:

The app will service management companies:

-It must support multiple unrelated management companies
-Each management company will have several homeowner associations that they manage
-The management company will have several employees with different views.
-The homeowners need to be able to pay their HOA fees on this application directly to the management company.
-The management company needs to create accounting reports
-The management company needs to issue invoices and pay invoices
-The invoice and accounting reports need to convert to printable pdfs

I am sure there is more but that is basically the general overview

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In addition to those who may respond here, you could contact Bubble Agencies listed here.


Hey There :slight_smile:

We’ve done quite a few accounting apps and plugins too, so we’re interested.

Pinging you on this one in PM.


Vlad Larin

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What’s Zeroqode Anyways?

I can help.
Please check you PM.
Anna J

Hey There,

I work at The Upstarters and I have just sent you a private message.

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Sounds like something right up my alley of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
Feel free to PM me or reach out to me on [email protected]

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