Need Assistance with Report Generation

We have an internal app that runs our day to day business. In a nutshell the app handles our accounting, crm and project management. The app was built by one person (me) and I was learning bubble as I went. The app is quite capable in many ways, but there are few aspects that Im now struggling with. The main issue I am running into is that I’m struggling to generate financial reports accurately and reliably. I hope it’s a fixable problem, but Im sure there are some fundamental mistakes that were made in the initial process that are leading to some of my struggles. Im looking for a partner to help me with creating a reliable and accurate reporting system within our app, while also troubleshooting some of the initial fundamental errors I may have made with structuring our database.

Looking forward to working with a professional and understanding partner.



Hello @brian.good500

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Let’s get into call and solve your reporting issue.

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I am building product using Bubble from last 3 yrs and helps lots of founders to build the product.