Workflow Action Editor Popup not appearing

Has anyone else experienced this?

You click on a workflow action and the editor popup does not appear.

Some odd behaviour, in that if you add a new action the editor will appear, and you can switch to the one that wasn’t working, but as soon as you close it neither of them appear.

Annoyingly not reproducible consistently, but seeing if anyone else has seen this ?

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Yep I’ve experienced it a number of times since last week. Normally when it happens I have to click on another event and then come back.

And you’re right it happens once in a while so it’s hard to reproduce. I observed it ending of last week and this week.

Thanks, will keep monitoring. Glad it is not just me ! :wink:

I’ve experienced this too.

Noticed this a few times. Didn’t really think much of it tbh

I’ll raise it as bug. Thanks all.


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