Action to set multiple states at once

Hi @Josh and @Emmanuel,

Currently, we need to create an action for every state that needs to be set and this makes the workflows longer than they could be.

Enhancing the Element Actions > Set State action to allow setting multiple states at once would make workflows a lot more compact.

This enhanced Element Actions > Set State action could be implemented in two possible ways:

a) the action allows us to specify one element and then specify all the states that I want changed and their new values. In other words, all the states must belong to only one element.

b) the action allows us to specify the (Element , State) pairs that we want to set at once and the new values for each. In other words, we could specify not only the state but also the element to which it belongs.

In either case, the functionality of the action as it exists today would be a subset of the enhanced one.

Thank you for a great product!


+1 not essential, but would be a nice time saver to group states together all in a single workflow.