Activate GroupFocus for Inputcontrol onfocus event

I am trying to toggle a groupfocus element on Input click. Whenever the user clicks on an Input element and the Input value is empty the groupfocus shows up(with various options that user can select), and when the user starts typing the group hides.

I am able to get this with Input hover option, however I cannot seem to get this working with Input click/focus options. I have tried using custom states etc.

I spent considerable amount of time already on this, without success. Figured its better to ask here.

Thank you

Hi there, @sravani.m… maybe I don’t understand your post, but if you set the group to not be visible on page load and you add the following condition to the group, it should do exactly what you described.


Hope this helps.


Thank you, but how do I show the other group when this condition is true? I can only manipulate this Input’s properties in the “Select a property to change when true” dropdown!!

I don’t know what you mean… the condition I am showing is on the “other” group, not on the input itself.

The is no “visible” property on the group, see attached. I just realized I have been using a GroupFocus and not a Group!!

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