ActiveCampaign API integration - New User, Tags and list subscriptions

I needed to integrate my bubble app with ActiveCampaign by subscribing new users to my app to a particular ActiceCampaign list, sending their email address to ActiveCampaign and tagging them with a tag related to the app. I’m a non-coder (I own a small retail business), so it’s possible that the information I’m providing here isn’t optimal, and I would love any feedback if you see something that I’ve done that is sub-optimal. I found several threads discussing the ActiveCampaign API, and even a plugin (now not being maintained by the developer) but I didn’t find the information I needed. I was finally able to figure it out and now have successfully set up an integration using Bubble’s API plugin, and I thought I would share screenshots of my setup here in case anyone else is looking to do the same thing. These screenshots would have been very helpful to me.

Several things to keep in mind. I have a large list of existing customers in AC, so I decided to use the Contact_Sync API instead of the Contacts API because Contact_Sync will create a new contact if the email isn’t in AC, or will update the existing contact if the email already exists. I also discovered that it doesn’t seem to be possible to tag a user and subscribe them to the list within the Contact_Sync call. So, instead, I first create or sync the contact, then record their AC id, then use seperate API calls to tag the user (contactTags API) and another to subscribe them to the desired list (contactLists). In my workflow I added three steps to take advantage of these APIs in order. It is all working as desired.

So here are the screenshots.




You will need your tag ID, which you can find in the AC URL by clicking on the tag under Contacts, Manage, and the same for lists. List status is 1 to subscribe.

I hope you find this helpful, and godspeed.

If an experience developer looks and this and sees that I’ve done something stupid or could do this in an easier way, I welcome feedback.

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Hey @jason31, was there any setup needed in ActiveCampaign for this? I’m attempting this process this weekend. Thanks!

You just need to set up an API key in the developer settings and create any tags you want to use ahead of time so that you can reference them in the API call.