Plugin to integrate Email Marketing Services such as ActiveCampaign (Opt-in plugin)

I think we need a single tool (opt-in) for connect easier the most comum email marketing services such as ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc…

In my case I’m looking for ActiveCampaign connection. If anyone have a tip or develop a plugin for it, please tell me.

Hey @B4B,

There probably ain’t a plugin because people use the API connector.

I’d check out Active Campaign’s API docs then integrate it to your app using the Bubble API connector.

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Thanks @johnny , I’ll try here. But it is so more complex than could be… I’m testing Zapier, it is very simple, but will be paid. For now, the API is the best solution. I hope anyone create the Plugin Opt-in Email Marketing hub to conect with theses services. I think it is not very complex plugin…

Hey @B4B,

If you really want a plugin to create your contacts I can just create one real quick. What do you need the Active Campaign one to do? Just be able to create a contact?

Not too familiar with Active Campaign.

So far I have:

  • Create a Contact
  • Update list status for a contact

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You can install it by searching “Active Campaign” on the plugin store. You can also find it here.

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Greeeeat. Thanks so much. I will test here. :smiley:

About features, I’m reading the API Documentation and I can’t understand what the difference of only “Create a Contact” to “Create or Update contact”. Because If I use only “Create a Contact” and the contact already created it will duplicate? It look like strange, because if is not duplicate the contact, as I think, it will make the “Create a Contact” equal to “Create or Update contact”. Right?

One thing that would be very useful is to create a tag also
POST - Add a tag to contact
DELETE - Remove a tag from a contact

Hello, I tested here and it showed an error:


I think that I set correct because the connection work. The plugin is able to create the user in Active Campaign and Add in the list. :clap: :clap:

I noticed that I can’t set my custom fields. In my case I need send a lot of informations about user. More or less 9 custom fields. (phone, gender, company name, etc.)

So I think is better create the field in bubble looklike the “Make change thing”.

Such as, “name custom field get from my own profile” = “Input in the bubble”

The plugin could Get all Custom Fields and show as option in Bubble. We could be set multiple fields as we want. What you think about? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for this plugin :handshake:

I also noticed that you don’t use the URL of API. Maybe this problem is related with it.

The structure is

Maybe you can ask for this url together in the plugin configuration, where we set the API key.

So we don’t need to put Account Name in all workflows, just get in plugin settings.


What do you think about?

Oops… let me fix this first.

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No idea how to do this lol. I only the API connector because I customize it to my specific needs

Maybe @jared.gibb does?

Same thought, only to realize I don’t exactly know how to do that lol

What do you think about create 10 fields that can I name manually my custom fields?

You can do it the same way that you done.

For example:

— Name of Custom Fields —

Custom Field 1 - “I set manually the name”
Custom Field 2 - phone
Custom Field 3 - gender

Custom Field 10 - company_name

— Results of Custom Fields —

Result 1 - “Input A”
Result 2 - “Input B”
Result 3 - “Input C”
Result 4 - “Input D”

Result 10 - “Input X”

Maybe it is the simple way to solve…

I pushed an update for 6 fields last night. Didn’t test it so let me know how that works

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Hello @johnny , the error is fixed. :clap: :clap:

But the Custom Field are not working.

I tried in differents ways:

In uppercase: NAMEFIELD
In lowcase: namefield
With variables of activecampaign: %NAMEFIELD%
by number: I can’t find number, but I test 5 and 20

But is doesn’t working.

Hmm… I’ll look into it later today

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Hello again,

If I try update contact it doesn’t work. It working only create a new contact. If this email already in my ActiveCampign it show this error:


Please, change the POST to “Create or update contact” for correct it.

Updated, for the fields, you need to do the field number. For example, the “Test” field name would be 7.

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I connected the API Active Campaign to GET all my Custom Fields and show ids.

I noticed that I don’t have id 5 because it was deleted and the number 20 is the dropdown if we set a value is different in the options the information is not save in ActiveCampaign.

I found the numbers of my IDs and worked fine.

So the plugin is working with number and not name. Could you change it for name of variable? Because in active campaign doesn’t show this ID of Custom Field and I had working hard to find it, using API conector and GET parameters.

Another sugestion is create a dropdown input with GET all Custom fields names as a options for we choose. In backgroud you conect ID in API but for the user you show the name. What do you think about?

@johnny great ! It working fine now. I’m able to update the contact too :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

One thing that would be very useful is to create a tag also :smiley:
POST - Add a tag to contact
DELETE - Remove a tag from a contact