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Adaptive desgin - Keep element proportions

Hey community,

i still have issues with the new adaptive design. I have a website on which pictures and groups/repeating groups closely adapt to each other. The issue with the adaptive design is that when a person has a wider screen it adapts the size of the group. However it only adapts the width and not the height. The adaption of the width suddenly kills the formating with the picture because it increases the space in which it should be but changes the format. The space to the left and right are suddenly empty.

It looks like that:

The pictures have a cool function to prevent that only the width gets resized: Keep element proportions

Would it be possible to allow the option for groups and repeating groups as well? Is there any other option than a fixed width to solve the issue?

@paul.miller.germany. There a few options that you can try. It’s difficult assisting without actually seeing what you’ve done with your responsive view.
Have you tried min width 99%?

@raymond the min width relates to the element width in the editor, right?

The problem occurs when the page is scaled up. min width 99% is basically like a fixed width right? That would work, but then the page is not adaptive :). The cool thing would be to keep proportions but make it adaptive anyway. Increase in width = increase in height.

Basically exactly how it is done already for pictures :slight_smile: