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Connecting types


Basic one I think. I’ve got a Type “Yellow” which has a bunch of plans in it - one row per plan. I then have a Type “Blue”, which I want to add rows to. I then want certain rows in type “Blue” to be linked to a specific row in Type “Yellow” - multiple rows in type “Blue” will link to one row in “Yellow”.

I’ve read that in Type “Yellow” I create a field which has field type of Type “Blue” and then a field in Type “Blue” with a field type of Type “Yellow”.

So I think that’s right.

Then I add a button, to add my row into Type “Blue”, and then I am unclear as to what to populate into the two new fields I have in each Type to get them to link?

Pretty sure it will be a simple answer but for the life of me I can’t figure it



Hi there, @neilgellett… if I understand your post correctly, the field in data type Yellow with a field type of data type Blue needs to be a list.

When you create a thing in data type Blue, how is the plan from data type Yellow being selected? Maybe a dropdown? If so, you will set the field with a field type of Yellow to the dropdown’s value in the step (likely step 1) where you create the new thing in data type Blue. Then, in the next step of the workflow, you will add the thing you created in data type Blue (i.e., the Result of step 1) to the dropdown value’s Blue field.

Any of that make sense? Hope it helps.


Thanks Mike, appreciate the response
I think what you are saying makes sense. The way I was hoping to get the flow to work is:

  1. Repeating group (sourced from Yellow)
  2. edit icon, click on it and pop up appears, source yellow, showing the details of the row from yellow that is clicked
  3. In the pop up the user can fill in input fields, then a workflow adds those fields as a new row in blue
  4. The screen shot below shows me attempting to do this, but the field “plans” is in blue with the type “yellow”, but no matter how I try to feed data into it it won’t allow me to. which I can’t figure out why?

Hmm, why do you need Dropdown H? If the popup knows which thing from the Yellow data type was clicked in the repeating group, then you should be able to set the Plans field directly to that thing by referencing the data source of the popup, no?

Good pick up, I threw in a drop down because the reference to the pass through wasn’t working, and so I tried populating a text field, then an input field and finally a drop down and then referencing the value of each in the add thing action - none of those worked with the same issue. When I change the field in the data type back to simply being a text field the problem goes away - but that defeats the purpose which obviously was to create a link.

In the workflow where you show the popup, do you have a step to display data in the popup, with the data to display being the Current cell's Yellow from the repeating group? If so, it should be as simple as making the Plans field equal the the Parent group's Yellow. I just set up a quick example on my end, and it works as expected.

If you are willing to share (privately) a link to your editor, I’d be happy to poke around under the hood a bit if that would help.

Hi Mike,

Yep I do, I’ll keep playing around - I think I’ll try and dumb it right down to a simple on page structure to see if it works.



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