I think it would be great if we have a ‘doesn’t contain a list’ option since we already have a ‘contains list’ option, as shown in

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I can’t check to confirm right now but I think contains list evaluates to Yes/No, doesn’t it? If so then wouldn’t “contains list = No” give you what you’re after? In other words “When List A contains_list List B is No” should give you your “doesn’t contain list”. Note that it will evaluate to No if some but not all of the entries in List B are in List A.

You can use “Minus list” or “intersect with” option to check the condition.

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Hi @vansokip,

how did a solution come along with “doesn’t contain list” option?

I am attempting to add a list of users to a state when that list of users is not in that state. Appears we have the ability to remove the list (minus list), if the list is in the state (contains list). Wondering if you or anyone else might know a work around?

Thanks so much!