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"Contains List" Not Working

I have a function that checks two lists of users to ensure that they match using the ‘contains list’ function but it’s not working. It is giving me a false positive for some reason.

There are passengers on list 1:

It is saying “yes” which is false unless I’m doing something wrong here:

Empty list:


Generally speaking, if you find yourself writing “Not working” that means the bug report isn’t very accurate.

And if you think this is a bug, please file a bug report.

I don’t think it’s a bug per se…

I think it’s a privacy related issue again and the system just doesn’t identify it leaving one to think there is a bug. It should be displayed to the user to allow them to sort it out themself (and alleviate you from investigating another bug that isn’t one)

Why don’t you start a fresh app and experiment there with privacy rules? Seems like you’re trying to jump directly on a complex app to do it, which leads you into troubles it seems.

And it’s much easier for other Bubblers to help on a simpler case…