Add a no code database & backend service

The bubble team should add an affordable backend service that enables developers to build a complete backend that can connect to any code or no code front end. Bubble already has a SQL database, so we just need the option to connect our database to any front end. And the same goes for backend logic. This will benefit lots of bubble developers who need native versions of our apps because we could easily connect our bubble web app backend to a native framework such as Flutter or React Native while only needing to rebuild the front end instead of the front & backend or paying for expensive portable backend platforms. This idea popped up in my mind after figuring out that I have to learn the SQL language to build my social network apps because Firebase’s NOSQL database doesn’t seem suitable for social network apps or other types of apps I want to build. It would be far easier to visually build it in bubble than to code it.

Did you check out firestore. It’s literally made for that kind of work! Firebases real-time database too, when paired with filtering/sorting or cloud functions to do heavy work.

That said, bubbles backend is really dope and should be considered for many use cases. It really is solid. A bit slow to do mass amounts of upsets but solid nonetheless.

I have a Firebase / Firestore account & Firestore was my preferred option because it’s visual, affordable & made by Google, but I keep hearing that a no SQL database is not suitable for social networks & other apps I want to build. I will gladly start building with Firebase today, as long as Firestore has SQL features that can make it suitable for social networks & other types of apps that require lots of data to be connected. I wish I could just use bubble for everything, but my apps require native versions. Xano would be a good solution, but it’s too expensive.