Add a option from a text

Hello Bubblers,

I’m facing a new challenge and could use some guidance. Let me simplify the scenario for better understanding.

I have an option set named “Drinks.” It’s structured as follows (before the dash is the name, and after the dash is a list of texts):

  • Beer - heineken, bud, corona
  • Wine - white, red, rose
  • Water - sparkling, still

I also have a “Thing” that contains text, for example: “I like to drink heineken.” Now, I want to associate the option “Beer” with this “Thing” since the text contains the word “heineken.”

However, if the text is “I like to drink heineken but prefer wine even more,” I want to attach both the options “Beer” and “Wine” to the “Thing.”

I’m clear about how Option Sets and Lists of Things work. What I’m struggling with is how to filter this from the text.

How can I achieve this? Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @martijntenpas so you can create custom compare operator either using a text field or add it on workflow when you making a change to “Thing”. Its kind a tricky explaining it here. I can attach some screenshots so that might help you.

I created an Option with filed as list as shown below:

and then I have a text input field which includes the word from that option same as your text example and I’m filtering it out like this screenshots below:

And it was able to find that specific text as shown below:

Hope that makes sense to you :smiley:

Hey @gsultan Great, thanks for your response, that’s indeed a slightly different approach than what I had in mind. However, I’m still running into some issues. I’d like to add the first one I encounter to the List of Type Notification. What am I missing here? I want to do that in a backend workflow.

Screenshot 2023-12-28 152150
This Error also triggers when I use :firstitem

That should do it, as filtered on the screenshot below:

Just to confirm the text below is at “meding’s Meldings” field?

one other thing you can do it to lowercase both text before matching them maybe that’s causing the issue.

If that’s still don’t work let me know if I can jump into your app or i’ll try to create similar values on my side.