How to add only items with specific option set to a field list


I am trying to add items to a field list called “Orders” which has a type of list of “Order-products”. However, it is not allowing me to do this implementation.

What are the details I should do to allow bubble insert these items to the field order list?


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You can select all first, then use the filter

I did not know I could fetch all. How could implement that? I changed from “add” to “set list” but returned the same error.

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It was mentioned in the topic that it is an option set, but in the image, data type is used. it’s true?

Yes, the field “order_status_process” is a option set with two values “Cart” and “Completed”.

Is it possible to access the editor?
I guess you have a problem in choosing the correct data type

That is what returning.

The options after this is to format as text (yes / no) or number (1/0).

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Also, I created an example of a database for e-commerce here, looking at it can be a good guide. Of course, according to the purpose of the application and its mechanism, each application will have a different database design. This is just an example.

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The expression you wrote reached a Boolean, but you must reach a list of orders.

Exactly, but only items that have an specific Option Set as “Cart”. That is what I am trying.

Honestly, I need to access the editor to check and write the correct expression.

Or analyze the example I sent in depth and see how the order, session, card, product, or other items are handled in the database.

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